Financial Planning and Investment Advice

We all have financial goals – whether it’s security in retirement, a long awaited overseas trip, saving for your child’s education, investing in property or buying a car.

Yet we know that having financial goals is one thing – and that achieving them can be quite another. That’s where MT Wealth Financial Planning comes in.

A MT Wealth financial planner can help you identify your goals and assist you to implement achievable, understandable and cost-effective ways to make them a reality.

There’s no time like the present – put yourself in the picture

Our financial planners provide professional financial advice tailored to suit your needs. They can advise you on how to best structure your investments to suit your lifestyle and provide advice on investment options, managed funds, superannuation and retirement.

Our aim is to offer you quality tailored financial advice and services for you to create a secure financial future.

Benefits of a financial plan – A good financial plan should:

  • Outline your financial position and needs,
  • Set out your financial goals and objectives,
  • Explain the strategy to achieve your financial goals,
  • Discuss both investment and personal risks and provide options to address them,
  • Recommend suitable investments to manage your money,
  • Show how each investment will help you achieve your goals,
  • Clearly set out all costs outlining commissions and benefits your financial planner will receive.

A complete financial plan will ensure:

  • Your money is invested in an investment portfolio that suit your needs
  • You are covered in case of illness, injury or death
  • Your taxation issues are considered
  • You receive the right Centrelink entitlements
  • Your retirement savings are maximised through sound superannuation and retirement planning
  • You have an up-to-date Will and Power of Attorney

Investment Philosophy

MT Wealth Financial believes that effectively managing our clients’ wealth requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The MT Wealth team is built up of individual specialist who come together to provide efficient and effective wealth management.

MT Wealth Financial’s multi-disciplinary wealth management team utilise structures to provide our clients’ with control, tax effectiveness, cost efficiencies, transparency, and customisation, which significantly improves our investment outcomes.

The principles of our investment philosophy

Goals based investing:

Our clients’ goals sit at the core of our investment philosophy. Through transparency, effective communication and empathy, we empower our clients, so they can remain in control of their wealth during every step of our wealth management process.

Risk adjusted returns:

MT Wealth Financial takes the time necessary to understand our clients’ investment needs and risk appetite. Rather than chasing returns, we calculate our clients’ required rate of return we can help them achieve it without exposing them to unnecessary risk or volatility.

Our wealth management team employ dollar cost averaging, asset allocation and efficient diversification to improve our clients’ risk adjusted returns.

Tax Effectiveness:

MT Wealth Financial aims to ensure our clients’ funds are invested in the most tax effective way. We achieve this by selecting the appropriate structure to hold the investments.

Our tax effective structures include Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, Separately Managed Accounts, Discretionary and Unit Trusts and Corporations. The structures we utilise allow our clients to effectively and efficiently manage Capital Gains Tax, GST and income tax.

Cost Efficiencies:

MT Wealth Financial aims to ensure our clients’ retirement savings are invested in the most cost-effective structure available.

The wealth management team can utilise a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, Index Funds and Separately Managed Accounts to control administrative costs. We also utilise dynamic asset allocation and quarterly rebalancing to ensure our clients investments stay effective, whilst also heavily reduce investment costs.


Our financial planners consider themselves your financial partners – they measure their success by your success.

So think about the way you’d like to live tomorrow and talk to us today.

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